Committed to Building Our Community.

I was born and raised in Port Huron, Michigan, and I am passionate about helping to make our city all it can be.
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Why run for City Council? First and foremost, I believe it is my duty as a citizen to be a part of making our community what we want it to be. City Council provides the opportunity for me to represent the people of our city in the continual development and improvement of our neighborhoods and economy. I believe it is important that our City Council contains serious individuals with budget experience who are committed to solving the problems facing our city.

The list below is not exhaustive, however it does cover a few of the issues that are relevant to the scope and reach of City Council. This list may continue to change and develop as I continue to talk to residents. If there are issues you would like to know my stance on, please send me a message.

One of the most important areas of focus for me is asset and budget management. Port Huron has a $90M operating budget. Good intentions are not enough. We need professional guidance. Effective management of our public safety, utilities, and Capital Improvement Plan is of critical importance to ensure our tax dollars are put to their best use.
Making sure we prioritize the needs of our police and fire departments ensures the overall safety of our city.
Port Huron must stay on the cutting edge of industry and culture in order to ensure economic growth. We are in need of fresh ideas and new approaches to make the city a desirable place to open business and to do business.
Community is the critical, yet often overlooked, component in breaking the cycle of addiction. I believe it is only through a collaborative effort with families, neighborhoods, churches, recovery organizations, and city government that we will be able to address the needs of those impacted by the Opioid Epidemic.
As a current member of the Port Huron Housing Commission, I have already made it a priority to learn about Port Huron’s housing needs and work within the community to solve them and create quality housing opportunities.
2017 Rotary Day Parade

Jeff & Jolene Pemberton

Hi! I'm Jeff Pemberton.

Born and raised right here in Port Huron, I have known and loved this city and its people throughout my life. That’s why I am passionate about continuing to build a strong community here at home. I want to raise my family here, and I hope that Port Huron continues to be a place that our children can grow up and then pour back into. I am married to my high school sweetheart, Jolene, and although we do not have any children of our own yet, we love being a part of the lives of the youth in our families and church. We know that we have been called by God to live in and foster community in a time when our culture has become isolated and disconnected.

After graduating from Port Huron Northern High School, I attended college at Eastern Michigan University. I graduated EMU with a degree in Special Education and Communication Arts, and then I headed right back home to Port Huron to search for a teaching job. That summer I worked with some friends from church to open up an ice cream parlor and coffee shop. It's called the Milkhouse Cafe and is located in front of the Wurzel's Flea Market.

Shortly after, I was hired in as a special education teacher at Port Huron High School. While there I was faced with the task of researching the current Cognitive Impairment program and coming up with something new and innovative. After a couple months of research and development, I put together a proposal that would restructure the entire program with little to no increase in cost. The next year I was bumped over to Holland Woods Middle School. Holland Woods provided me with the opportunity to work on all kinds of different projects. Unfortunately, due to budget cuts and low seniority, I was laid off from my teaching position with Port Huron Area Schools in June of 2009.

After being laid off, I began my career with Ross Education, LLC as their first ever Social Media Analyst. After laying the foundations of an extremely successful social framework for Ross, my career evolved from the social media guy to manager of all things branding, creative, and digital media related. By 2015, I had taken over as head of marketing for all of Ross. We currently have over 40 campuses across Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, West Virginia, Kentucky, Alabama, Iowa, and Tennessee. I manage a lean team and we do our best to support the needs of all of our campuses as they empower students to change their lives in a new career.

I am also part of an amazing congregation of about 80 adults and 60 kids. Not only do I get to help lead the church as a whole, I also have the honor of working with our youth. I am passionate about helping the next generation encounter Jesus and become His disciples!

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